Meet Aii Jai (AJ)

Master Manifestor, Muse, Feeler, Athlete, Lover, Creative, Self C.A.L.M. Advocate, Mentor, Intellect, Survivor, Fighter, Passionista, Boomerang Enthusiast; I am me 💛.

“I am a practitioner of unadulterated self C.A.L.M. (Care, Acceptance, Love & Maintenance); it’s changing my life.

I’m unequivocally committed to the journey of growth, healing & loving all of me; the method is simple, the application – deliberate.  Love thyself, fully, wholly, and for always.  I’m here to help women do the same!

In short, I’m a self-love advocate: a catalyst of change, facilitator of opportunities for self-healing & growth, a curator of spaces of love & light & peace & laughter… please join me.”

~Aii Jai (AJ)

This “selfie” video exemplifies the outcome of my personal 4+ journey of doing “the work” of self C.A.L.M.: self-care/control, self-acceptance/ appreciation, self-love, and self-maintenance.  A deliberate act of loving myself, intentionally growing, pushing myself, doing the “shadow work”.  This was the result of me looking inward and in the mirror, loving me; all of me, even (and especially) the parts that I don’t actively highlight.  This was me living in the moment.  When I “recorded” these clips, it was all in fun, or I simply felt “cute” or mostly, just being and becoming the woman I was always meant to be.  I had no idea I was capturing my own essence and growth. Finding and experiencing the beauty and love intrinsically.  I had no idea that this would be a “thing”.  Through the countless hours of therapy, deep reflection, failure upon failure, the tears, the depression and anxiety, facing the unknown, and so much more.  I found and loved ME.  Very few (at some point everyone will know my story – writing it currently!) know the pain that has existed during this timeframe/before/and after the clips (2017-2020). Watching this makes me smile… I know where I’ve been and where I’m going!

My ultimate desire is to have and inspire other women to do the same… heal through loving themselves to wholeness…