Amber-Nicole | Daughter | Sister-Friend | Mentor | Advocate | Conduit | Athlete
| Survivor | Consultant | Project Manager | Founder of Hues of Love & Light

Amber-Nicole, I have a few nicknames, Aii Jai is one, as in AJ. In college, my teammates called me Ajaxx, it’s a play on my first and last name.

Where are you from?
I’m from all over! My parents were both in the military and as a result, I was born in Japan.
However, I consider Southern California to be home, I lived there for most of my younger years, some of grade school, part of middle school and high school. We also lived in Virginia, the Philippines, Texas, Washington and passed through places like Guam. I went to college in both the bay area and in Indiana. From there, I was overseas for basketball and had the opportunity to play briefly in Italy, Spain and Portugal professionally. Shortly after, I settled in Chicago for 7 years. Chicago feels like home to me as well. In late 2019 I decided to move to Texas and currently reside in North Dallas – this is home!

Where did the concept of Hues of Love & Light come from?
It’s kind of cliché to say, but I really believe in “being the change you want to see” and following your heart. Holistic resources and spaces for black women aren’t yet plentiful or easily accessible. I see Hues of Love & Light as a future beacon in that regard, a space where we can come and get exactly what we need, in many areas. My vision is HUGE and sometimes it scares me what I could create; think… AMAZON, yes, AMAZON. 
As I reflect and continue to grow through life, I continue to identify what I need. I like to look at it like I’m creating a template, not a blueprint.

What do I need to become the woman of my dreams?
What do we need to become the women we dream to be? What resources? What does healing look like? Development and networking opportunities? Coaching? Self Care? How can we write our stories and present them to the world? How do we embrace ourselves and one another? It goes on and on, and I’m incredibly excited to cultivate this global community and continue to grow personally. It looks different for every single one of us. I believe there are some key components and that is what I’m continuing to build upon. Pillars such as sisterhood, accountability, holistic health, entrepreneurship & development, and more.

What/Who inspires you?
I find inspiration in so many people and experiences. Those who overcome, those who find a way. I find myself drawn and inspired by those who are vulnerable and daring.
As a black woman, I’m inspired by our stories. We aren’t a monolith and I’m incredibly excited to highlight us and have a platform where we write our stories for the world to see, to learn, to connect.

What keeps you going?
Just knowing that I can. I do a lot of reflection as I believe you can get something powerful or poisonous from any experience. Life has taught and continues to teach me that I’m the author. Things happen to us, but by and large, I believe my life is a culmination of my choices and how I choose to live regardless of what cards I’m dealt. That’s not to trivialize things that are outright, unfair, but to empower me to still be the woman I’m destined to be no matter the barriers or any semblance of lack. I’ll make a way.

What is your vision for Hues of Love & Light?
To become the premier resource, destination, and business partner, that connects, highlights, develops, and inspires our current and future black women. Hues of Love & Light is THE holistic space to become; and, or remain, the women of our dreams.

What’s next for Hues of Love & Light?
Currently, I’m working to expand the foundation, which is Sisterhood. Be sure to connect with us on Instagram and  Facebook! You can expect more events that align with the core values and principles of Hues of Love & Light! We are growing iteratively, stay tuned!

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